CNC Design

Having spent countless hours trying to learn the details fundamentals for designing CNC systems online, I have found that the learning curve for self taught CNCers isnt just steep, it is a brutal cliff with a pile of twisted bodies at the bottom. Occasionally you’ll come across some fellow traveller, legs broken after a particularly nasty fall, half mad and whimpering about “the backlash” or some other ailment of the field.

Too dramatic, you think? Well, perhaps a little, but not so much! It is too easy for a well intentioned and practical individual to approach the subject, spend lots of money and not use half the kit they buy, and finally come away from it with only a half functional CNC machine to show, and perhaps a lot less hair. I have a degree in mechanical engineering, I consider myself very handy and I found the subject extraordinarily difficult to gain proficiency in.

So it is for you, dear reader, that I am writing these top level articles on CNC design basics. So far (2/2/2019) I have only a half finished article on leadscrews/ballscews vs belts, but I’m intending to write a lot more.