Wow, you actually came to the homepage? That's totally retro! Congratulations on being part of the elite <2% who actually come here! I'm honoured by your faith in me and this site, just a shame I dont, you know, have anything to show you. Maybe check my high quality articles, linked over there on your right or in the menu above?

OK well uuuhhh.... since you're still here, let's see... I'm intending to build up this website with lots of high quality technical articles, to add to those that I already have on wood inlay. Of course, I've been meaning to do that for about 2 years, maybe 3. OK fine so its been 4+ years now, but whatever. So umm...  in the meanwhile, I think this pictures sums up the situation pretty well?



Hey while you're here, why not leave me a comment? Yeah do that, then we can start a comment thread populated only by awesomely retro people like you! We'll probably end up inventing a hoverboard, or bringing back shell suits, or something.

4 thoughts on “Home

  1. first comment directed by google search gold inlay woodworking. awesome web keep it up i enjoy your humor too

  2. Thanks!! Glad to hear you like the site 🙂

  3. I unfortunately have a Wanhao Duplicator D9/300
    I am interested in the upgrades re linear rails you may have implemented given that it is some 2 years since your posts in 2019.
    I am slowly implementing upgrades for fans and tensioners (X and Y)
    If I can get info on linear rails I would implement and as you stated my printer would be Wanhao in name only. But if it is more reliable then so be it

    I have also been musing on replacing the motherboard/upgrading to 32 bit and would be interested in your advice. (in an attempt to upgrade firmware)

  4. Hi, bad luck!! Yes, my machine is full linear rails with a duet maestro mainboard. The maestro is great, love the web interface especially, it’s just so convenient, but not cheap. I’m actually running two steppers on the Y axis as well, though probably unnecessary, but the maestro has the extra drivers and steppers are cheap… if you have Fusion 360 I can probably upload the entire assy for you, though it’s a bit messy – not really designed for sharing! For hot end I’m running a chunky CPU fan and a clone E3D titan. It’s not a perfect setup, there is definitely room for improvement, but pretty good.

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